Inspired by New Zealand

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Experience each delightful scent of our Mmm...that’s nice!™ hand cremes and body lotions, carefully blended into smooth, skin-loving formulations. Enriched with the delicate & natural oils of Sweet Almond, Olive, Coconut and Macadamia.

Awaken your senses with our beautiful candle and diffuser ranges, designed to create a relaxing ambience throughout any room with their delicious, lingering fragrance. All are presented with exquisite elegance making these the perfect gift - to yourself or someone else.


Sweet Orange & Clove

Gloriously vibrant from the sun-kissed region of Northland, combined with the deep musky fragrance of Cloves and Cinnamon.


Cherry & Vanilla

Rich, red and sumptious from Cherry trees in the beautiful South Island, combined with the seductive scent of tropical Vanilla.

Feijoa & Ginger

Smooth and luscious from throughout New Zealand, combined with the aromatic spicy oil of the Ginger plant.