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The unmistakable aroma of sun-warmed feijoas.
The zesty tang of freshly peeled orange.
The rich flavour burst of the summer’s first cherries.


Mmm… that’s nice! Introducing the scents of the New Zealand you love, elegantly blended, and beautifully packaged with hand-drawn artistry that celebrates our native birds. Mmm… that’s nice! bath, body and home products make perfect gifts. Maybe there’s someone in your life that deserves a little everyday luxury. Maybe it's you!

Discover zesty orange with hints of orange clove and cinnamon, sweet cherry with tropical vanilla tones, aromatic feijoa with warm ginger notes. So join us. Wear the beautiful scents of New Zealand on your skin. Catch lingering hints of fragrance through your day. Notice new layers of depth and subtlety, sweetness and spice.


Say It: Mmm… That’s Nice!

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Three delicious New Zealand Collections


This heavenly creation of bath, body and home gifts combines the aromatic intensity of warm fresh New Zealand fruits, entwined with notes of tropical flowers and spices.


Sweet Orange & clove

Gloriously vibrant from the sun-kissed region of Northland, combined with the deep musky fragrance of Cloves and Cinnamon.

Cherry & Vanilla

Rich, red and sumptious from Cherry trees in the beautiful South Island, combined with the seductive scent of tropical Vanilla. 

Feijoa & Ginger

Smooth and luscious from throughout New Zealand, combined with the aromatic spicy oil of the Ginger plant.